Introducing The Samsung Galaxy S6 and The Galaxy S6 Edge


Today Samsung has released details on their new flagship device(s) the S6 and the upgraded version the S6 Edge. At the core these phones are virtually the same and pack quite the punch in both hardware and features.  Read the rest of this entry

SpaceX Falcon 9 DSCOVR Launches Successfully


A few days ago I reported about the scrubbing of the Falcon 9 DSCOVR mission launch due to a radar malfunction. Well after 2 more scrubs due to Read the rest of this entry

SpaceX Falcon 9 DSCOVR Mission Scrub


SpaceX’s newest project set to launch is the Falcon 9 rocket carrying the DSCOVR satellite. This satellite in partnership with NASA and NOAA will maintain real-time solar wind measurements. Without this satellite major space storms and events have the chance of going unnoticed and could cause disruptions in power grids, GPS, and cellular receivers. Obviously this is a very important mission and is being handled with care. Read the rest of this entry

ASUS 12-Inch Chromebook 3 Month Review


I purchased the ASUS Chromebook (12 inch version) back at the end of August for the sole purpose of using it to take notes in college but it has actually proved to serve a variety of purposes throughout the past 3 months of use. In the 3 months I have been using the device, almost daily, I have a pretty good feel of where the device thrives and where it falls short. Here are my thoughts.  Read the rest of this entry

Star Wars Episode VII Characters Revealed In Old School Trading Cards

Today JJ Abrams has released a set of 8 pictures starring the characters from the Episode VII trailer plus the X-Wings and Millennium Falcon in the coolest way possible. They were edited into the form of old Topps trading cards which is a perfect blast of nostalgia that goes along with what this movie has already been leaning toward. We didn’t get a whole lot of detail and can’t really draw conclusions other than “Kylo Ren” is a very cool and evil name for a villain and BB-8 is an adorable name for the soccer ball droid. One could also come to the conclusion Finn is either disguised as a Stormtrooper like we have seen happen before or he is a deserted Stormtrooper but regardless he is on the run if that wasn’t already evident from the trailer. Whichever marketing person’s idea it was to do this should get a raise and I can only hope they will be available for physical purchase one day. Here are the full set of cards:


Written by: Spencer

Source: Inside Movies

Holiday 2014 Geek Buying Guide


The holiday season is upon on us, and quickly approaching for that matter, and you need a gift for that special geek in your life. Don’t know exactly what to get he or she? Need some help on that one gift they will love? Here’s the place to be as I will be recommending my personal top 10 best gifts for 2014 covering a wide range of price (In no particular order).

Read the rest of this entry

New Star Wars Lightsaber Discussion

star wars lightsaber

Chances are you have probably already watched the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer about 10 times since it has released, if not you should. To no surprise it has sparked countless debates in the Star Wars fan realm but one of the biggest arguments is in regards to the screen grab above where we see a brand new lightsaber design and the fan base is torn.

Read the rest of this entry

The Problem With The Current Video Game Launching Trend


Now this isn’t going to be me, the gamer, sitting on my high horse complaining about games but instead a perspective on why it is games launch with non-working components and what can be done to fix it. Recently the gaming community has been spoiled with some great titles such as GTAV, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection however their launch was hardly a success, what did they all have in common? Game breaking bugs and server problems.


If you picked up GTAV on release day I’m sure you remember this error message or at least one of the many during the first few days of launch. The game’s online portion, which is the main reason many but into the franchise, was virtually unplayable. Same thing has happened more recently with Halo: MCC and it’s long load times, AC Unity with it’s frame rate issues, and COD AW with it’s crippling lag. Why is this? Well personally I think the reason is pretty obvious. Read the rest of this entry

Age Of Ultron Extended Trailer Analysis


Since the trailer that was going to be unveiled during last night’s Agents of SHIELD was “leaked” they had to show something to make it up to the fans or more so the network, so we got a look at an extra scene from Age of Ultron that lead into the trailer. We see the Avengers team hanging out in the Avengers tower all trying to pick up Thor’s hammer Mjölnir (we will get to that bit in a moment) and then we see Ultron or the destroyed Iron Man AI armor that will turn into Ultron come out and make the string speech and lead into the trailer. It wasn’t a whole lot aside from comedy but we did get two small pieces of information. Read the rest of this entry

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer Analysis


Tuesday after the newest episode for Agents of SHIELD we got an announcement for the official Age of Ultron trailer to be shown after next week’s episode. Well not even 24 hours later we get a leak, and its not just set pictures or a crappy quality trailer someone recorded with their flip phone, nope its the full 2 minute trailer for Age of Ultron. Whether it was a leak or not Marvel played along with this tweet:


Regardless it threw everyone off, but lets get to the real point of this article. The actual trailer!


The trailer starts off with a broken down piece of Stark tech, one of Read the rest of this entry


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